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People go out to work, committees nearby, can enterprises find a loving “store 2” at the door? Pudong’s first enterprise service station opened in Tangzhen yesterday. At the door of the company, at the door of the service, Pudong is optimizing the business environment and doing its best to develop a useful exploration.

Take out the prime location service enterprise

As an important platform for enterprise service, display and communication, Tangzhen enterprise door service station is located in the sunshine world of the largest commercial complex in the town. There are about 200 m² service stations, the interior decoration is warm and beautiful, it really makes people shine. Many residents in the past even thought that the mall had opened a new chaodian and stopped to understand.

Chen tenlan, mayor of Tang town, said that the reason why the Enterprise service station was opened in the commercial complex was because of the convenient transportation. The commercial main body downstairs is Tangzhen Station of Metro Line 2. Secondly, Sunshine Heaven and Earth itself, including the surrounding areas, we are stepping up investment promotion and hope to attract excellent enterprises and projects through high-quality services. “Planting five links can attract Phoenix, willing to take out space to serve the enterprise in the most golden position, and show our sincerity in doing things for the enterprise .

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