Meet Myanmar, meet the brightest TA

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Spring and Autumn Airlines is one of the first private airlines in China. On the premise of ensuring safety and punctuality, we are committed to providing passengers with affordable and high-quality aviation services, often holding various theme flights, and also one of the service characteristics of Spring and Autumn Airlines. 2017. According to the punctuality rate report of OAG, an international industry data company, Spring and Autumn Airlines arrived in Hong Kong with the first punctuality rate among mainland Chinese airlines. On the 2018th, according to the punctuality rate report issued by the domestic authoritative aviation data service agency variety flight (Fei Zhang quasi), Spring and Autumn Airlines won the first punctuality rate of large and medium-sized airlines in mainland China. 2018 in the first half of the year, the Spring and Autumn Airlines “five Rates” (the company’s flight accident waiting rate, the company’s reason flight abnormal rate, passenger complaint rate, regular flight execution rate, government fund payment rate) scores, ranked first among large and medium-sized airlines. Recently, the latest cabin seats have been equipped, and the backrest angle has been expanded to the industry-leading 114-degree height, greatly improving the ride comfort.

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On September, Spring and Autumn Airlines will open a 5-day and 4-night “love trip” in Yangon, Myanmar “. If you or your friends around you want to experience this interesting “blind date”, then you might as well come to the blind date flight in Yangon, Myanmar, the next stop, while traveling and falling in love, meet the most beautiful TA in such a coastal Buddha country! In addition, this September blind date flight is also another attempt to serve the “Belt and Road Initiative” in spring and autumn.

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