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Experts said that the traditional blind date method is too limited to “love at first sight”, but I don’t know that “longevity” is one of the most important ways to generate feelings. However, “Blind Date flight” only combines the two modes of “love at first sight” and “love at first sight”, from “meeting, knowing each other, falling in love with single men and women “.



Facts have proved that more than 48 of the 17 blind date flights held by spring and autumn airlines have successfully raised their hands! 5 pairs of guests enter the wedding hall! 1st lovely “blind date baby” is already 1 and a half years old! In this “Taipei blind date flight” event, another pair of guests successfully raised their hands!

Spring and Autumn airlines have seen the limitations of the traditional way of making friends. Through the progressive mode of “air” to “journey”, making dating activities more interesting and efficient. Today, “Blind Date flight” has become one of the landmark theme activities of Spring and Autumn Airlines. It is held about 4 times a year, flying to different places each time and facing different people each time. For many men and women who are eager to get rid of singles, choosing a ticket may help you find a partner with you in the future!

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