New means of air defense alarm included in emergency system

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This is only a microcosm of the achievements of Shanghai People’s Air Defense in using high-tech scientific research. Reporters saw at the scene that 8 enterprises inside and outside the army and the Shanghai Civil Air Defense special rescue and information center carried relevant equipment and equipment according to the series of command and prevention, resistance and elimination of rescue, A total of 110 sets were arranged neatly and participated in the protective equipment display activities organized at the same time during the drill.

Suddenly, a screaming alarm rang at the training base, and many mobile phones received air defense alarm messages at the same time. “The enemy is about to carry out air strikes on our city. Please don’t panic, obey the instructions of the tour guide, and enter the civil air defense project in an orderly manner “. Many volunteers quickly mobilized when the air inspection unmanned aircraft opened and continued to shout. In view of the high concentration and mobility of the urban population, Shanghai has established an emergency release platform and mechanism for urban emergencies, and incorporated air defense warning signals into the city’s unified emergency release system, the fixed sound alarm signal is distributed simultaneously with the mobile phone terminal, radio and television, and in the form of voice and text to ensure that the public awareness rate reaches 100%.

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