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Meet Myanmar, meet the brightest TA

yshbbs | 夜上海论坛 | 2019-08-12
Spring and Autumn Airlines is one of the first private airlines in China. On the premise of ensuring safety and punctuality, we are committed to providing passengers with affordable and high-quality aviation services, often holding various theme flights, and also one of the service characteristics of Spring and Autumn Airline... [阅读全文]

Customs inspection officials from foreign

yshbbs | 上海美女自荐 | 2018-03-12
customs inspection departments said: “For fruit quarantine, inspectors mainly look at whether it carries quarantine pests, such as quarantine pests found on site, we will immediately take quarantine measures such as fumigation to prevent foreign pests from being introduced into China. At the same time, we also sent sam... [阅读全文]