Tang Zhenyou has more than 4500 enterprises

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there are not many Pudong towns. However, the total economic volume and development speed of Tang town are the best in Pudong town in recent years. This benefits from the attention and real attention of the door-to-door enterprises.

This time, with the opening of the enterprise door service station, Tang town has launched a long-awaited “helping” service for the enterprise. Here, even new and undirected employees don’t have to worry about it. On the left side of the door, the two “help” service windows can provide the most intimate service for “Xiao Bai”. Whether it is consulting or filling out the form, there will be special guidance and manual completion. These intimate “helpers” will also be responsible for collecting data and helping to complete the remaining processes according to the business needs of the enterprise, so that enterprises unfamiliar with the business can successfully complete related matters, save a lot of time and manpower. The gate service station also provides temporary office space and temporary meeting rooms. Most importantly, these services are free and companies do not need to pay a penny.

Reporters learned that the enterprise version of the door service station will highlight the word “empowerment” in the future, not only policy empowerment, but also knowledge empowerment and service empowerment. For enterprises-entrepreneurs-employees, the service station will provide Trinity services: for enterprises, there will be legal, financial and other services when they are open, and there will be various policies and resource support after growth, there will be investment and financing services after growth. For entrepreneurs, the service station will open an Entrepreneur Club and hold regular activities such as “entrepreneur classroom”, “entrepreneur camp” and “Tamar commercial war simulation, provide an exchange platform for entrepreneurs

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