This sincerity is also reflected

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in the rich functions of the service station. Tangzhen enterprise service station has five functional areas: one station helps with window service area, enterprise image display area, enterprise development support area, self-service service area, negotiation area and multi-function area, it can help the development of Tang town enterprises in all directions and angles. Here, the computer system regularly captures the policy information of Pudong Commission by searching the crawler, classifies the policy through AI technology, and then classifies the relevant information of the enterprises collected by Tang town, timely push qualified preferential policies to enterprises in need to avoid the embarrassment of “deep and unknown” when the policy is introduced to the maximum extent.

The application of big data is also a major feature of the service station. The reporter saw that there was a large display screen at the gate of the service station, which visually displayed the overall operating environment of Tang town and various data of enterprise development in a graphical way. This information is collected through online big data and offline home service stations, fully reflecting the needs of enterprises, concentrating resources to provide enterprises with services that they really need, and creating a better business environment through rapid response.

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