Love at first sight “walking in the cloud”

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According to reports, blind date flights are one of the regular signboard activities held by spring and autumn airlines. Every time a blind date flight, Spring and Autumn Airlines will recruit about 20 single men and women to create opportunities for them to meet in the air, meet each other and love each other at their destination. As early as December 4, 2013, Spring and Autumn Airlines flew from Shanghai to Kunming for the first time. The event attracted more than 1000 single men and women to sign up for the phone, Wei six stick and WeChat. Finally, Spring and Autumn Airlines chose 21 of them to participate. Participants first met at the airport, initially broke the ice, and then introduced themselves one by one on the plane, staged “if you are in the air “. When in the closed cabin, someone is interested in it. After getting better and better, the journey after landing will be a great opportunity to get to know each other in depth.

In fact, the most prominent part of the Spring and Autumn Airlines “blind date flight” activities is the travel of aviation acquaintances. Getting along on a trip is one of the best ways to test whether the two are taking pictures together.

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