Customs inspection officials from foreign

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customs inspection departments said: “For fruit quarantine, inspectors mainly look at whether it carries quarantine pests, such as quarantine pests found on site, we will immediately take quarantine measures such as fumigation to prevent foreign pests from being introduced into China. At the same time, we also sent samples to the laboratory for testing. If all are qualified, we will release it immediately and pass the customs quickly to ensure that consumers can eat healthy and harmless fruits from the beginning .”

In recent years, with the growth of domestic market demand for imported fruits, the number of bananas imported in China has increased rapidly. 2018, China’s banana imports climbed to $0.897 billion, almost three times that of 2012. When Shanghai port imported 11027 batches of bananas, 0.633 million tons and 0.33 billion US dollars, it was the largest fruit imported from Shanghai port.

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