with strong winds and lightning.

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rain all week, According to the latest weather forecast, the rain will become smaller this morning and the rain in the evening will turn to the middle of the night. At the same time, there will be weak cold air in the afternoon, the strong wind will continue to blow, and the temperature will drop to about 19 ℃ at night.

Yesterday, Shanghai suspended heavy rain blue warning, strong wind blue warning and lightning yellow warning. As of the press release, the rainstorm blue warning signal has been lifted. From the data point of view, the precipitation is very strong: The day before yesterday, from 18: 00 to 16: 00 yesterday, heavy rain and heavy rain occurred in the northern part of the city. Among the districts, Jiading won the highest prize with 58mm rainfall, followed by Chongming and Qingpu, reaching 48.3 and 47.4mm respectively. The temperature also dropped with the rain. Yesterday’s highest temperature was only 22.3 ℃, the lowest temperature was 21.0 ℃, and the body felt cool.

Reporters learned from the municipal flood control headquarters yesterday that due to timely deployment and strong measures, the city has no road water and the city is safe and orderly.

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