New equipment increase protection important target

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The hundred-meter smoke curtain was blocked and protected by hollow Thunder throwing, and the rescue team stood out before Xiong Yan. Helicopters, driverless planes and hundreds of rescue vehicles arrived at the scene in the roaring alarm. More than 400 professional civil defense forces sat at the front desk at a training base in the suburbs of Shanghai.

Yesterday, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Air Defense operation drill progressed smoothly. This large-scale civil defense exercise explored the use of new equipment, new means and new war laws, and fully demonstrated the achievements made in the preparation and construction of Shanghai civil air defense military struggle in the new era.
The small red label group flashes on the electronic screen. “The radar detected the action of the unidentified unmanned aircraft group and quickly identified the disposal. The commander issued an action order. Minhang District civil air defense professional team is skilled in operating the “low altitude shield” unmanned aerial vehicle air defense system developed by the 12th Academy of Aerospace, tracking and positioning the unmanned aerial vehicle group. According to reports, this anti-drone system can achieve batch effective identification and full-time continuous tracking of “low-slow and small” targets with high precision, multi-band and full-Wei Du low-altitude detection, it also has radio detection, radar detection, photoelectric tracking, Radio suppression, satellite navigation deception and other functions.

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