Monthly: March 2019

Love at first sight “walking in the cloud”

yshbbs | 上海美女自荐 | 2019-03-12
According to reports, blind date flights are one of the regular signboard activities held by spring and autumn airlines. Every time a blind date flight, Spring and Autumn Airlines will recruit about 20 single men and women to create opportunities for them to meet in the air, meet each other and love each other at their destin... [阅读全文]

Tang Zhenyou has more than 4500 enterprises

yshbbs | 上海品尝嫩茶 | 2019-03-12
there are not many Pudong towns. However, the total economic volume and development speed of Tang town are the best in Pudong town in recent years. This benefits from the attention and real attention of the door-to-door enterprises. This time, with the opening of the enterprise door service station, Tang town has launched a l... [阅读全文]
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